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    Dr. Subir Taori  M.B.B.S, M.S. (Surgery) – Consulting  Proctologist & Surgeon
    Founder & Head, Ano-Rectal Department – Dr. Taori Nursing Home, Raipur

    MBBS - Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial Medical College, Raipur 1993-1999 (Gold Medalist)
    MS (Surgery) - Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial Medical College, Raipur 1999-2002
    CGMC 1964/2008- Chhattisgarh Medical Council Registration

    Association of Surgeons of India (ASI)

    The Indian Association of Daycare Surgeons (IADS)

    The International Society of Colo-Proctology (ISCP)

    The Association of Colon & Rectal Surgeons of India (ACRSI)

  • Mission & Vision


    “Offer Simple, Affordable and For-Ever Effective Ano-Rectal Diseases Treatment Under One Roof “

    We Are Committed in Providing Health Care at an Effective Affordable Cost, Irrespective of the Education, Background, Nationality, Caste, Creed or Social Status.


    A Total ‘Patient First’ Approach at All Times is our Motto

    Patient Friendly Practices  have Resulted in us being One of the Most Preferred Hospital for Ano-Rectal Diseases

    And Also to the Development of a Strong Bond Based on Faith and Trust with our Patients.

    Our Strength has been Personalized Attention to Patients, We have Been and Will Always Strive Towards this Goal .

  • Overview : Ano-Rectal Diseases

    Overview : Ano-Rectal Diseases

    Most People Experience Some Mild to Severe Form of Ano-Rectal Diseases During their Lifetime. They are Common, Especially in Older Adults, but with Changing Times and Fast Life, it’s also Increasingly Seen in Young People too.
    Patients with Diseases of the Anus and Rectum are some of the Most Miserable People in the World. Most Patients are often Embarrassed or Afraid to Confer with a Medical Professional. Patients with Diabetes mellitus, Hypothyroidism, Depression are more Prone for Such Diseases.

    Ano-Rectal Diseases may be sometimes be Asymptomatic or may Present with Pain when passing Stools, Fresh/Altered Blood in Stool,Feeling of Incomplete Emptying, Pus Discharge or Pencil-Thin Stools, Difficulty in Motions.

    Causative lifestyle - Increasing risk of Anorectal diseases

    • Prolonged sitting eg: computer professional, Excessive travelling job profiles, Shift duty job
    • Predominantly Non vegetarian spicy diet / Junk Food / Processed packaged food
    • Spending a long time in the Toilet- Newspaper reading, Mobile games, Apps.
    • Metabolic disorders: Diabetes Mellitus, Hypothyroidism
    • Addiction: Alcohol, Smoking, Tobacco
    • Over Straining to defecate.
    • Runs in some families.
    • Pregnacy

    Basic Investigation of the Ano-rectum includes -

    • Detailed History Taking
    • Digital Rectal Exam (DRE)
    • Proctoscopy.

    Further Investigations may include –

    • Blood Tests
    • Fistulogram
    • Colonoscopy
    • CT Scan/MRI
    • Defeacography
    • Anal Manometry
    • Endoanal Ultrasound
  • Modern Technology

    Modern Technology-Machinery

    HAL-2+ RAR  Machine (AMI, Austria)

    World's Most Advanced, 1st in Chhattisgarh - HAL-2+ RAR Machine (AMI, Austria, Europe) for Piles treatment-- successful technique worldwide.

    HAL-RAR – Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Recto Anal Repair – is a new form of treatment for all grades of haemorrhoids. It is the most recent Modification of combined selective Doppler-guided hemorrhoidal arteries ligation with plication of the prolapsed rectal mucosa, using the specially designed A miniature Doppler ultrasound proctoscope device  (A.M.I., Austria)  is inserted into the anus and guided gently towards the haemorrhoidal arteries.

    By means of the Doppler sensor and audible signals transmitted by the device, the surgeon is able to pinpoint the exact location of the arteries supplying blood to the haemorrhoids. The surgeon then ties off each artery (called ligation) by placing a stitch around it and knotting the ends. Because the stitch is placed not in the anus but in the lower rectum, where there are almost no pain nerves, the whole procedure is virtually painless. Rectoanal repair is safe method of treatment of IIIrd and IVth grade hemorrhoidal disease with no major complications

    This Innovative new procedures takes away patients’ fear and ensure they visit a doctor in the early stages – in particular those doctors offering such effective and vitually pain-free treatment.

    Dr. Oppel ST 501 RF Technology (Sometech, South Korea)

    Advantages of 4.0MHz dual Radiofrequency  Anorectal Surgery

    • Minimal surrounding tissue damage.
    • Minimal smoke production- Completely safe procedure.
    • Minimal postoperative edema and discharge- Faster healing.
    • Minimum tissue trauma, as No tissue adherence or charring.
    • Sterilizes tissues under application so Negligible incidence of post op. Infection.
    • Heats tissues below 1000 C while electrocautery which raises tissue temperature above 5000C.

    Infrared Coagulator - Laser (Lumatec, Germany)

    Infrared Photocoagulation  is a procedure used to treat small- and medium-sized bleeding hemorrhoids. This treatment is only for internal hemorrhoids. During the procedure, the doctor uses a device that creates an intense beam of infrared light. Heat created by the infrared light causes scar tissue, which cuts off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid dies, and a scar forms on the wall of the anal canal. The scar tissue holds nearby vessels in place so they don't bulge into the anal canal.

  • Our Services

    Our Services………. What we do?

    OPD Consultation & Indoor Admission - Surgeries :

    • Piles - DGHAL (Doppler Haemorrhoidal artery ligation) / RAR (Recto Anal Repair)
    • Anal Fissure – Creams  / Lateral Sphincterotomy  / Sphincterolysis
    • Perianal Anal abscess -  Incision & Drainage-Curettage
    • Anal Fistula – Fistulotomy / Fistulectomy / Seton
    • Recto-Anal polyps Adult / Children- Polypectomy
    • Pilonidal sinus - Excision and closure / Flaps
    • Anal Stenosis – Anal Dilatation / Anoplasty
  • Myths Vs Facts

    In our Country , the word “PILES” is an all encompassing word & is used  loosely  for a variety of Ano-Rectal symptomatology Ex: Hemorrhoids (Piles), Anal Fistula, Anal Fissures, Anorectal Polyps, Anorectal Abscess, Pilonidal Disease, Skin Tags, Colon Cancer etc.

    Any problem in the anus i.e. Bleeding, Pain, Lumps, Altered motions is all presumed and labeled as PILES by majority of the population.

    Hence, it can be confusing for the patients to self diagnose or seek appropriate help in time. Pilescare Hospital will, accurately identify your condition and recommend appropriate treatment for you. 

    In our practice we have been encountering patients with preconceived wrong notions of "PILES" This website has been designed with an intention of educating the people at large and clarifying commonly held Myths / Misconceptions.

    Myth 1: Hemorrhoids is a Senior Citizen Problem.

    Any person of any age can get piles, although older people are more likely to suffer with them because of the degradation of the body and weakening of the rectal walls. However, you should not dismiss the possibility based on age.

    Myth 2: Surgery of Piles is painful and prolonged

    This was true with conventional surgery in the past but with Doppler Piles surgery, the treatment is virtually painless and the patient goes home in 24 hrs, mostly.

    Myth 3: Piles can lead to Cancer

    Hemorrhoids may well be uncomfortable, painful and can progress, turning into quite a serious problem. However, that problem is not cancer. Piles are actually just swollen veins that cause discomfort and are not actually cells, which prevent the progression into cancer. Cancer is the division and mutation of cells and so is completely different but that it not to say that you should assume that your piles are nothing serious. Some cancer patients are susceptible to piles so you should always seek medical attention.

    Myth 4 : Piles treatment is a Domain of Quacks

     As earlier mentioned, because of lack of satisfactory treatment with medical sciences, the treatment of piles was taken over by quacks especially in India. But now this tendency should be curbed as medical science offer very good treatment options for piles.

    Myth 5: Piles always bleed

    This is not true. A significant percentage of piles patients hardly bleed. They just feel the small-large masses (piles) in their anal area after motions. These masses gradually increase in size over years and may lead to complications of piles like Thrombosed piles, Strangulation.

    Myth 6: Piles are permanent and you cannot cure them.

    As with most other health issues, hemorrhoids are not permanent and can be cured. They are swollen plexuses that have the ability to change as time goes by. As such, there are plenty of ways in which you can cure and solve your hemorrhoids problem over time.

  • Who / When Should Visit ??

    Who / When should you visit Pilescare Hospital ??

    • Mass Coming Out Per Anus, Reduces Self / By Finger
    • Bleeding With Stools ( Fresh / Old Blood )
    • Boils / Abscess / Pus From Anal Area
    • Recurrent Constipation / Diarrhea
    • Anal Area Pain / Pain With Stools
    • Anal Itching / Burning
    • Change In Bowel Habit
    • Laxative Overuse
    • Food Intolerance
    • Fecal Incontinence
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Motion Urgency
    • Abdominal Pain Specially Lower Abdomen
    • Stomach Complaints Like Belching, Bloating, Heartburn
    • Bleeding / Mass  / Pain On Motion  In Children


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